The Virtual Hacker On Your Side

Use breach simulations to quantify enterprise risks and validate security controls so you can stay steps ahead of the attacker

Simulate the
Entire Cyber Kill Chain

Simulate breaches across the entire cyber kill chain - from how an attacker might infiltrate your environment to lateral movement and data exfiltration. This is not just about which devices or applications are vulnerable or exploitable. This is about validating your specific business scenario—what it takes to steal your crown jewels—using the complete Hackers' Playbook of breach methods.

No Impact to
Existing Environment

It's always a bad idea to turn malware loose in a production environment just to see what happens. Our platform is seamless and can be deployed in a production environment. We simulate the various breach methods used by a real hacker—malware, exploits, brute force, backdoors and many more—without impacting your users or infrastructure.

See Value

Our platform takes just minutes from deployment to insights. We offer flexible on-premises or private cloud deployments. No pre-config, no painful proof-of-concept, no special expertise needed. All deployments include integrated dashboards to show security risk over time. Security analysts can drill down into increasing detail on which breach methods were successful, and which were blocked by security controls. Security leaders and CISOs can use our executive dashboards to show organizational risks to boards, and track improvement over time.

Trusted by

Our platform and architecture are built and optimized for enterprise deployments. We integrate with existing security products such as your SIEMs via a robust API framework. Because of our deep expertise, commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative security platform, we are deployed and proven in enterprise networks across all verticals.

A Security Partner,
Not a Vendor

We are your dedicated partner in the fight against the bad guys. With SafeBreach Labs, our team of offensive security researchers, you’ll have a partner with deep expertise on your side. We investigate breaches in the wild, develop our own breach methods and work with our customers to model indicators of compromise.