Use Cases Overview

Minimize Cyber Exposure

Maximizing cyber security means continuously minimizing attack surfaces and exposure time. But every day new applications, servers, and IoT devices are deployed and updated, creating new undetected opportunities for hackers.  Even more, newly disclosed exploits can render previously secure systems equally vulnerable. Keeping up isn’t easy.

Unless you have SafeBreach.  

SafeBreach continuously challenges your security 24x7 using the most current and comprehensive attack set available, The Hacker’s Playbook™.  Any material changes are immediately and automatically identified and prioritized, minimizing exposure time. And when new exploits arrive, SafeBreach Labs delivers tests within 24 hours, to identify new weaknesses before hackers have a chance.



Optimize Security
Eliminate Waste

An ever increasing array of cyber security companies encourage you to spend an enormous amount of time and money for the latest “shiny security object.”  But how do you know those investments will pay off? How do assure you get the most out of your limited budget?

SafeBreach enables your security teams to make data-driven and fully informed security budget decisions directly measuring how each purchase affects your posture before you buy.  Post-purchase SafeBreach vigilantly assures they deliver, exposing misconfigured and underutilized systems. It even helps identify obviated and ‘zombie’ assets to be repurposed, returned or retired, freeing valuable budget. As a result, SafeBreachers’ get a minimum of 25% more from their security spend. Even better you’ll justify every dollar spent.



End Merger and Acquisition Security Risk

Mergers and acquisitions are always risky, especially if you don’t have the time to accurately assess security risk. Too often companies are stuck with dangerously risky IT assets simply because they have neither the time nor tools to support the M&A process.  

With SafeBreach diligence teams quickly get an accurate and agnostic view of a target company’s security posture and operational readiness.  These include risk metrics that inform accurate business valuation and potential mitigation costs. And because SafeBreach is fast and easy to deploy, IT won’t be the bottleneck.  Instead they take a proactive role in enabling the business to move quickly and safely to acquire the right assets at the right valuation.



Develop SecOps Muscle Memory

Optimizing spend and security is certainly critical.  But the best security solutions in the world won’t help if attacks go undetected by an IDS or unchallenged by an untested and unprepared SOC.

SafeBreach users know that their people, controls and processes work because they are constantly and safely tested against the industry’s broadest and most up to date playbook (The Hacker’s Playbook™) available.  SafeBreach exercises the entire response process and points up when breaches go undetected and unchallenged.

Even more SafeBreach users gain a unique and heightened situational awareness of their attack surface, including views of current infiltration and exfiltration paths bad actors could follow.  This enables them not only to find and fix security holes but quickly surgically choke off bad actors with minimum business impact.