Validate Your Security Controls

Easily validate which security controls are working as expected.


For security leaders and practitioners, It's no longer a question of whether you can find security products to address a security issue, it's whether they are working as expected. The average enterprise deploys 75 different security products, sifts through 17,000 pieces of malware every week, of which only 19% are deemed worthy of action.

Adding complexity to security operations, most security products are point products from a variety of vendors that don't necessarily work well or integrate with others, introducing more and more manual efforts to maintain protection from a threat landscape that is increasingly automated. 

In a survey released by Barkly in May 2016 of 350 IT pros: 

  • Fifty percent of IT pros aren't confident about the ability of their security measures to protect their data
  • When asked whether their organizations could measure the return on investment of their security solutions, 54 percent of respondents weren't confident at all they could do that


If attackers are challenging our defenses every day, why aren't we? SafeBreach allows you to do this in an automated way, without impacting the environment. For example, in a PCI environment that is supposed to be segmented by a firewall, SafeBreach can continuously challenge the assumption that credit card information is not accessible. 

According to the SafeBreach customer, a CISO of a leading mobile and online messaging company, “The most important thing is validation -- validating your controls and assumptions. We all know assumptions break easily when checked. It’s not just about offense versus defense, because over time we have invested money in both areas. The bottom line is you must validate your controls, your beliefs and that the concept in your mind is true.”


  • Get definitive insights into security controls: Often, security breaches are caused by security applications that are misconfigured or deployed incorrectly. We provide definitive validation of whether your security products are deployed correctly and if they are able to withstand to an attack.
  • Achieve greater ROI: By validating which security controls are working as expected, and showing risk trends over time, you can achieve greater return-on-investment from your existing products and justify the business case for new or continued investment.
  • Test different products: Based on the results from simulations that are executed in your environment, you receive recommendations on what kind of security products may be appropriate to address specific breach scenarios. Our platform can validate which vendor may be ideal for your needs.