SafeBreach Labs


What we do

At our R&D headquarters in Tel Aviv, we’ve assembled an elite team of offensive cybersecurity researchers led by VP of Security Research Amit Klein and CTO and co-founder Itzik Kotler.

Our goal is to two-fold. First, we arm the SafeBreach platform with the Hacker's Playbook™ of breach methods based on analysis of breaches in the headlines. We do this via external monitoring of the hacker underground, sourcing of intelligence feeds and collaboration with security research teams. Second, we proactively identify new and unique breach methods as part of our research and development as part of our effort to "simulate the hacker". This research is shared with the security community at conferences like Hack in the Box, Black Hat, RSA and DEFCON.

SafeBreach Labs also delivers regular Hacker's Playbook Reports that provide insights on enterprise security trends and risky behaviors from the point-of-view of an "attacker".




SafeBreach Bulletins and Updates: 

As part of our goal to give back to the community and contribute to open source projects, we share our research on GitHub

Hacker's Playbook

The SafeBreach Hacker’s Playbook is the first to report enterprise security trends and risky behaviors from the point-of-view of an attacker.