Security DEV Student - R&D

Tel Aviv, IL


SafeBreach is looking for a student with a Cyber Security background and Python development experience. A 2nd year, or higher (with at least 2 semesters left), CS/Software Engineering student who’s familiar with the security research world and can work at least 90 hours a month, with flexibility during exam periods.

As a developer at SafeBreach, you will be entering the shoes of a world class hacker. The day to day job includes developing most sophisticated attacks the way the hackers do in variant OS platforms and environments. 


  • Are an ambitious, creative developer and want to combine Security Research and Development.
  • Learn fast and can solve problems quickly & independently.
  • Have a solid understanding of cyber security and a great passion for it.
  • Willing to invest significant time in tasks and deliver high quality results on time.
  • Have fluent English and excellent communication skills.


  • Proven Python experience.
  • Scripting/programming (Bash, PowerShell) in Linux environment.
  • Deep understanding of the security and vulnerability management domain: enterprise threat landscape, SIEM, SOC, situational awareness, incident response, forensics, intelligence-led security, security posture, security analytics, data visualization, etc.
  • Background in intelligence organizations from government/army is an advantage.