Quantify Your Impact From A Breach

Understand your impact from a breach before it actually happens.


Are you able to defend against the latest breaches in the headlines? Can you quantify the impact to your CEO and board of directors?

Rick Howard, the CSO of Palo Alto Networks said, "One of the reasons the blame game exists in information security is that as a community, network defenders are horrible at assessing risk. The tendency is for network defenders to assess risk as either high, medium or low based on experience. But, if we are asked to defend our assessments by C-Level executives or board members, there usually is not a lot of precision underneath the first layer of spreadsheets."

This is a problem that SafeBreach can solve.


Our platform simulates a virtual hacker, continuously executing breach methodologies to proactively find the holes in your environment – before an attacker does. We help you quantify your impact from a breach, and give you the benefit of time to find and address the right issues.

By simulating breach methods in the headlines or breaches that are currently occurring to your peers, our platform can show you the actual impact to your environment, and quantify your specific risks. You can then use this information in various ways – get more budget from the board, reduce your attack surface, break the kill chain. You can add that layer of precision for the board and your executive team to invest in the right areas.

For example, are you worried about CryptoLockerWekby, Carbanak or Gozi? These are all attacks that are in the headlines which SafeBreach can simulate today. 


  • Simulate cyber kill chain: Execute breach methods across the complete cyber attack kill chain – infiltration, lateral movement and exfiltration, so you can quantify the actual impact from a breach.
  • Continuously validate security: In order to truly validate your security risk, attack simulation must be continuous to address and find issues before an attacker does. Continuous simulation shortens exposure time, and shows your risk trends, so you can prioritize security remediation as required for your enterprise, and show meaningful improvement.
  • Keep up with hacker breach methods: Breach methods and scenarios are developed by SafeBreach Labs, our leading team of threat researchers and ethical hackers. These breach methods are constantly updated with the latest breach intelligence and new indicators of compromise, and are built to be safe enough for production deployment.