How SafeBreach Works

The SafeBreach platform safely executes real attacks in production environments to prove where security can withstand attacks, and where it needs to be improved.

The SafeBreach platform provides unmatched visibility into an organization's true cyber-security posture.  SafeBreach enables data-driven risk analysis, resource prioritization and guided mitigation. The platform continuously and safely tests and optimizes the effectiveness of your security infrastructure against the business value of your assets.

SafeBreach Platform Overview

According to industry analysts, “...there is a veritable epidemic of misconfigured, disconnected, turned off, and non-optimized security tools all over the organization.” The SafeBreach platform enables your organization to answer the key questions:

Are my security defenses working as planned? 

What should I do first to deliver the greatest benefit and minimize risk? 

What action should I take to correct the problems I detect?


How it Works

The SafeBreach platform carries out continuous, automated testing of an organization’s security architecture using advanced, patented simulation technology. SafeBreach attack simulations are exact reproductions of an attacker's tactics and techniques, but pose no risk to the organization’s operations or assets. Attacks are executed between simulator instances deployed both within and outside the organization’s network. This approach provides broad coverage and fully tests the entire security ecosystem deployed by your organization.

SafeBreach delivers full visibility into the ever-changing dynamic of what needs to be protected and the efficacy of the policies and procedures deployed to protect these valuable business assets. As soon as security gaps are identified, your organization can prioritize remediation activities and mitigate based on actionable recommendations.

Testing Your Security

Deploy simulators within your organization's information ecosystem.

Specify the value of your IT resources and the types of tests that are relevant to your organization's defenses.

Execute the SafeBreach tests to fully validate the state of your security architecture.

Prioritizing Results

Visualize results across the kill chain, to easily identify where to focus remediation efforts.

Identify the security gaps which open the largest number of attack vectors “and rank the gaps by their potential business impact."

Review the remediation options provided by the SafeBreach Insights instructions and set your priorities accordingly.

Remediate Issues

Review SafeBreach Insights information for detailed instructions and data on closing the security gaps.

Integrate with the broad range of SafeBreach technology partners to provide fully automated remediation.

Monitor and act on the regularly scheduled SafeBreach reports to keep your security infrastructure performing at its best. Track your progress with risk indicators such as exposure time and the percentage of attacks on critical segments, MITRE ATT&CK framework that existing defenses fail to block.

Automated Continuous Breach and Attack Simulation

Thanks to the continuous nature of the SafeBreach platform, attacks are run automatically and at scale. Likewise, findings are constantly updated, and easily filtered to ensure effective remediation and prove security value over time. SafeBreach provides your security teams with the data they need to:

  • Validate your overall security investment
  • Focus on the most critical issues proven to minimize risk
  • Minimize exposure to thousands of attacks