Black Hat, Las Vegas - June 26 - 27, 2017                                                 


Come meet us at Booth 1466!! Let us show you how breach and attack simulations can help you quantify risks and validate that security controls are working. Our Hacker’s Playbook includes over 3000 breach methods representing some of the oldest attacks like Zeus and CryptoLocker to more recent attacks like Loki2 and WannaCry.

  • Come Roll with Us: Interested in craps? Always wanted to learn how to play? Sign up for our Craps Event, where you’ll learn from an instructor, and then play some live games. Sign up for a demo and receive $100 chips
  • Hear About Our Integrations:  Experts from Visa Threat Intelligence will be at our booth. Come by and hear a quick 15 minute presentation about how we transform IoCs into breach methods. We will be raffling off $100 Visa gift cards at every session
  • Attend Our Sessions: SafeBreach Labs researchers will be presenting at both Black Hat and DEFCON

Sign up here.


Virtual event - Breach Simulation Lunch and Learn


Contact us to schedule a SafeBreach Virtual Lunch and Learn! We’ll bring lunch, and a deep dive into breach simulations. All you have to do is bring yourself and your security team.