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At SafeBreach, we live and breathe cyber security. As the leaders in the Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) market we’ve developed a disruptive security platform that safely simulates cyber attacks, enabling our customers to effectively fight real bad actors. 

To stay ahead of hackers, SafeBreach adopts, develops and leverages the latest technologies and security analysis techniques for the benefit of customers and the industry.  The SafeBreach Platform is a modern SaaS platform, built to continuously deliver new features to customers faster than the competition. SafeBreach Labs is constantly expanding our Hacker’s Playbook of attacks, publishing new research that helps keeps everyone safe.

We’ve built a company we truly love working for.  Come and join us!

Customer Success Team 

SafeBreach leads the “Breach and Attack Simulation” market through every customer’s success. The Customer Success organization builds relationships by listening and acting as proactive partners to assure customers extract the greatest possible value from the SafeBreach Platform™.  SafeBreach team members care deeply for each user, big or small, and take pride in putting customers first.

Customer Success Manager, Full-time, Remote - Details



The SafeBreach marketing team continues to be instrumental in defining, building and competing in the Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS) market. We create valuable and highly differentiated content, events, and campaigns that continue to extend our leadership position and define the Breach and Attack Simulation market.


Product Management 

SafeBreach Product Management connects strategy, business and product development to produce successful and rewarding product experiences. Each product manager owns their initiatives end to end, and manages their lifecycle from inception through development to market and business validation. 



SafeBreach R&D is responsible for technology innovation, security research and continuous development of the SafeBreach Platform™,  a powerful distributed system that simulates attacks and data theft across our customers’ infrastructure.  We analyze and collaborate to keep our products intuitive and our customers secure, overcoming every challenge along the way.

Endpoint Security Developer, Full-time, Tel Aviv, IL - Details
Senior Security Software Engineer, Full-time, Tel Aviv, IL - Details
Software Engineer - Integrations Platform, Full-time, Tel Aviv, IL - Details


SafeBreach Labs 

SafeBreach Labs is SafeBreach’s security research team.  We respond to new public security disclosures, update the Hacker’s Playbook™ and research new threats.  We present our findings and research at conferences to help keep our customers safe and enable the cyber security industry to be as effective as possible. To follow SafeBreach Labs click here!

Security Researcher, Full-time , Tel Aviv, IL - Details



SafeBreach has built the premiere sales team in the enterprise security market. We are laser focused on helping Fortune 500 customers reduce risk and improve their security posture - while enabling our partner ecosystem to deliver value that differentiates our channel.

NorthCentral Regional Director, Full-time, Chicago, Illinois - Details


Human Resources 

Establishing and leading the fast growing “Breach and Attack Simulation” market requires a special team of proactive and committed professionals, willing to work hard to change the world. SafeBreachers share a common vision, employing best practices, teamwork and a sense of serious fun to overcome the business and technological challenges startups face every day. 

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SafeBreach Values

Customers first, always 

Think BIG, Dream high

Be proactive, direct and challenging

Take ownership

Improve continuously