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Our mission is to innovate the way the industry validates security risks -- from static to continuous, from theoretical to practical. We help answer the questions security leaders are being asked by their CEO/boards today - "Are we secure?" and "Can a breach happen to us?" Our groundbreaking security platform provides a “hacker’s view” of an enterprise's security risks so you have the advantage of time to mitigate issues.

Guy Bejerano and Itzik Kotler founded SafeBreach to help organizations answer the question 'Am I secure?"

SafeBreach raises $4M from Sequoia Capital and Shlomo Kramer, and opens R&D offices in Tel Aviv, Israel

SafeBreach officially launches the company, the general availability of its platform and U.S. headquarters

SafeBreach is selected as a finalist for the RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox Contest 2016

SafeBreach is named finalist for Most Innovative Startup at Black Hat 2016

SafeBreach raises $15M in Series from Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, Hewlett Packard Pathfinder Maverick Ventures and existing investors Sequoia Capital and Shlomo Kramer

SafeBreach is awarded the SINET 16, awarded annually for most innovative technologies by the Security innovation Network

SafeBreach is named one of 50 Most Promising Startups by Bloomberg

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