Operationalize Threat Intelligence by Validating the Latest Threats Against Your Security Controls

 68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity

risks are increasing 

The Cost of Cybercrime, Accenture, 2019


SafeBreach creates synergy between siloed security solutions to reveal your actual risk

Learn how integrating threat intelligence with the SafeBreach platform gives you visibility into your security posture against specific threats. SafeBreach enables you to focus on the highest-risk attacks. It quickly and effectively reveals how your security controls will stand up to specific attacks to show how each threat would impact the business.  Not only is the potential impact of each attack defined, but SafeBreach also tells you how to correct your security controls to reduce the impact and mitigate overall risk.

Container specific attacks

Solution Brief: Threat Intelligence

By combining breach and attack simulation with a threat intelligence solution, Safebreach delivers visibility into your security posture against the specific threats that concern you the most.

SafeBreach Datasheet

SafeBreach allows organizations to gain actionable intelligence on attack risks without impact to their environment, acting like an “automated, continuously-validating red team” .