Minimize Security Exposure

Improve innovation, or reduce risk?

The age-old battle between innovation and risk is still raging in today’s enterprises. That’s because enterprise environments are far from static—constantly updated to meet the needs of the business, and hopefully to also stop new and emerging attacks. However, this constant cycle of updates and changes often introduces unexpected risk due to human error, or conflicting policy/configuration. Typically, this accidental or unintended change goes unnoticed, and the risk is compounded as new rules are added, or updates are made.

No defending team has the time to manually validate every change, update and upgrade made to every component of their environment. Likewise, red teams can’t manually focus on the “long tail” of validation that’s required after every change. This leads to a constantly changing attack surface - with extremely long exposure windows that attackers can take advantage of to establish footholds within environments.

Minimize security exposure

Businesses must change and adapt to meet customer needs. With change comes risk, but exposure time can be minimized, to limit overall business impact. SafeBreach allows defenders to validate security, before, during and after changes are made. But attackers are relentless. Even small errors or configuration conflict can allow attackers the foothold they need to compromise critical business data. That’s why SafeBreach was designed and built to run attacks 24/7 -- just like attackers do.

Much more than simple monitoring of policy changes, SafeBreach continuously executes the Hacker’s PlaybookTM of attacks across customer environments, to validate security effectiveness. SafeBreach works just like attackers do - without prior knowledge of how the environment is laid out, where security is in place, or whether or not changes or updates have been made. In this way, SafeBreach can show where simulated attacks are blocked one day, and successful the next. This means that exposure time is limited to just the time between simulations, rather than the time between red team engagements or penetration tests.

Stay ahead of attacks

SafeBreach provides continuous security validation. This allows defenders to immediately assess remediation efforts, and ensure that fixes don’t introduce unexpected risk anywhere in their environments. Additionally, since results are compared over time, SafeBreach tracks, displays, and reports on security trends - showing whether ongoing updates and changes are helping to boost overall security.

Additionally, SafeBreach eliminates the human factor, which means testing bias will not affect security. Findings are never limited to what was expected or planned, but rather, SafeBreach will always identify both known issues, and unknown or unforeseen issues as well. This eliminates blind spots in security, and provides a true “hacker’s view” of security strengths and weaknesses.

Thanks to continuous validation, Breach and Attack Simulation identifies new exposure in hours, so security teams can minimize exposure time and prove the effectiveness of new configuration.