Today we’re excited to announce an expansion of our partnership with Visa. SafeBreach is the first Breach and Attack Simulation provider to integrate Visa threat intelligence feeds via the Visa Developer Center API.

Processing more than a hundred billion payment transactions a year, Visa delivers exclusive indicators of compromise (IoCs) that can provide an unmatched level of visibility and understanding of threats and fraud specific to the payments ecosystem. Through this partnership, Visa IoCs add to our Hacker’s Playbook™ -- the largest and most thorough simulation knowledge base in the industry.

How does this integration work?

When Visa identifies Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) from an attack occurring within its payment industry ecosystem, SafeBreach weaponizes those IoCs as simulations, enabling security teams to quickly validate whether their security will stop these emerging attacks. By validating defenses specific to each customer’s environment, security teams can not only see if they are exposed, but also quantify the impact of these attack before they happen. This integration will allow security teams to truly understand how they will perform against attacks that represent specific threats.

The combination of Visa Threat Intelligence and SafeBreach enables security teams to:

  • Proactively respond to the latest payment threats that are currently impacting industry peers
  • Operationalize IoCs and quantify risks without needing to build a team of analysts
  • Continually improve security posture by validating which security controls are working against up-to-date payment threats

You can read more in our joint press release, and join us at the following events:

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