Are You Maximizing Your Security Investment?

FocusPoint Technologies, August 1st, 2018 - One of the reasons companies struggle with maturing their information security and/or data privacy programs is the investment in technology has not been fully realized. This comes up over and over and relates to the implementation and maintenance of technical tools that have been purchased. For a number of reasons, companies find themselves unprotected. The issues need to be addressed, and it doesn’t mean you need to “rip and replace” the tools you have purchased. You simply need to step back and understand the barriers to success.

Shelfware or Partial Implementation

Many organizations that I’ve worked with recently have mentioned they invested in technology when the market (and company profitability) was ripe, but the tools have yet to be implemented. Similarly, they have purchased expensive tools that do “everything,” yet have implemented only a small portion of the functionality. Both scenarios prevent the company from truly recognizing the benefit of the investment.

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