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Lead the offensive security revolution with us. Disrupt the current security validation models and provide better value to customers.



Deliver robust security solutions and optimize deployments for mutual customer benefits.


MSSPs and System

Develop a unique, offensive security offering with our continuously-validating platform.


Value-Add Resellers and Distributors

Enable true business value and competitive advantages by reselling our platform.

Technology Integrations

Our strategic integration with technology partners ensures that our platform works seamlessly with existing security solutions and delivers the most value for customers. We offer several areas of technology integration:

  • Security Information and Event Management System (SIEMs): SafeBreach integrates with SIEMs, sending events and alerts on simulated breaches to give SOC analysts the benefit of time to address critical risks, and to train teams on incident response and appropriate response in the event of a breach. 
  • Ticketing system: SafeBreach  integrates with ticketing systems such as JIRA and ServiceNow to enable you to assign remediation tasks to appropriate teams within the organization.
  • Threat intelligence: SafeBreach enables you to translate threat intelligence indicators of compromise (IOCs) into breach methods. This enables you to validate the potential of—and take preventive action against—cyberattacks that are targeting peers in your industry.
  • Security automation and orchestration platforms: Integration with platforms like Phantom enables you to quickly respond - via automated preempted actions - to breach simulations that SafeBreach identifies. The predictive power of the SafeBreach platform, with its automation and orchestration capabilities, creates a powerful solution that changes the wait-and-see dynamic of detect-and-respond into one of predict-and-prevent.

MSSPs and System Integrators

Unlock true security value with our continuous security validating platform. Build a very unique security services offering with our platform. Benefits include:

  • Profit and grow: Our platform offers significant opportunities for growth. With support for cloud, network and endpoints, customers can scale to validate the risks in multiple parts of their environment.
  • Differentiate value-add services: Our platform can be used to continually validate the security of customer environments, and enables you to position new security solutions as well as remediation services.
  • Enhance your trusted advisor status: Demonstrate and deliver trusted advisor status with our unique, innovative, offensive security platform.

VARs and Distributors

Resell and distribute our unique continuous security validation platform. Enhance value and profitability, while addressing the need of organizations today to quantify their enterprise risks and validate security controls on a continuous basis. Deliver additional value add services by remediating the issues that SafeBreach finds.