Microsoft Leverages SafeBreach Simulations for

ATP Defender Evaluation Lab 

Test Microsoft Defender ATP with SafeBreach Simulations

Evaluate Microsoft Defender ATP security efficacy with simulations from SafeBreach.

SafeBreach was chosen by Microsoft to supply valuable simulations for users to effectively validate the security efficacy against APT29, Credential, OS Configuration Changes, Code Execution, and Known Ransomware Infection of Microsoft Defender ATP in the Microsoft Evaluation Lab. The simulations are a select group of highly relevant attacks against a fully configured Microsoft Defender ATP instance.

The partnership does not give users the experience of the full SafeBreach platform which includes thousands of breach and attack simulations, visually maps the simulation results to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, and supplies detailed remediation Insights. Request a demo to see the full value of the SafeBreach Platform to test the efficacy of all your security solutions.

Solution Brief: Microsoft Defender ATP

SafeBreach has partnered with Microsoft to bring a set of advanced attack simulation methods to the Microsoft Defender ATP Evaluation Lab. Test scenarios include ATP29, credential theft, OS configuration changes, code execution, and known ransomware.

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The partnership of SafeBreach and Microsoft Defender ATP Evaluation Lab contains a limited set of breach and attack simulations to test out in the evaluation process of Defender ATP and there is no access to the SafeBreach platform for the rich valuable test data from running SafeBreach simulations.   Request a demo to see how you can test all your security controls for efficacy against thousands of simulations.