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SafeBreach Breach & Attack Simulation Platform

SC Magazine, October 1st, 2018 -

Reviewed by Matthew Hreben & Michael Diehl

Vendor: SafeBreach

Product: Breach & Attack Simulation Platform

Price: Depending on the size of the deployment.

Contact: safebreach.com

What it does: Attack simulation platform that focuses on multiple attack vectors.

What we liked: Breach Explorer module inside the dashboard has a lot of power and could be used to quickly identify areas of potential compromise.

SafeBreach offers a BAS platform that combines a deep playbook of breach methods based on actual attacks, active investigations and unique research with deployed simulators that play the role of a virtual hacker. These simulators are deployed in critical segments of the network, in the cloud and on endpoints for a kill chain operation – infiltration, lateral movement and exfiltration of data.

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