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Justify Security Investment with Risk Trends

SafeBreach is always listening to our customers, and incorporating feedback to ensure that CISOs and security teams can get the most out of their existing security controls. That’s why we’re proud to announce a new “trending” view for our Breach and Attack Simulation platform.

An easy-to-understand visual dashboard allows security teams and CISOs to:

  • Immediately see whether or not security is improving
  • Easily see security changes since the last set of simulations
  • Prioritize remediation efforts based on risk


At-a-Glance Risk Trends

Customers wanted to be able to easily see not just the current state of their security, but also whether that state is improving or worsening. And, of course, they want to see those trends across the entire kill chain. We now offer a simple, at-a-glance view that shows risk trends across infiltration, lateral movement, exfiltration, and endpoints. This can of course, be drilled into to see what breach methods are blocked, and which are successful, and how to improve security and close gaps.

Key Findings

Security controller configuration is constantly being updated. But with large teams, changing personnel, and so much configuration and policy across various tools and controls, it’s common to accidentally introduce error or conflict into rulesets when new changes are made. These types of errors are commonly found after successful breaches are investigated - because they go unnoticed for long periods, allowing attackers plenty of time to exploit them.

Thanks to continuous validation from Safebreach, our customers can now get real-time insight into whether or not configuration updates and ongoing maintenance have accidentally opened paths for attack. This means that any unintended exposure can be shut down in real time, minimizing exposure time and eliminating “unknown unknowns.”

Cyber Kill Chain Focus

Integrated into the dashboard is the ability to see instantly where security is most and least effective. “Stoplight” colors indicate where risks are low, medium or high, and drillable widgets allow for quick filtering through successful attack methods. Teams can use this simple dashboard to prove security effectiveness, get the most out of existing security controllers, and prioritize where further investment must be made.

Simplifying Security

These new enhancements have already helped our beta and early release customers to get more from their overall security investment. Coupled with the industry’s largest playbook of safe breach and attack simulations which validate cloud, network and endpoint controls, this most recent set of features will help customers quantify the real impact of a cyber attack on production systems, and more quickly identify remediation options to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.