Integration with Palo Alto Networks XSOAR

Automate Remediation of IOCs that SafeBreach used to Breach The Enterprise

Reduce your overall attack surface by orchestrating and automating indicators of compromise (IOCs), with Cortex XSOAR, that SafeBreach was able to validate were missed by your endpoint and network security controls.

Palo Alto Networks XSOAR Integration

Security teams receive many IOCs from numerous security tools with little or no insight into how they will impact the enterprise. SafeBreach tests breach and attack simulations across your enterprise and reports on the indicator that bypassed your endpoint and network controls.  Tight integration allows SafeBreach to pass to Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR the indicators that SafeBreach identified as breaching the enterprise, and enables automated remediation of endpoint and network controls to harden your enterprise.

Solution Brief: Palo Alto Networks XSOAR 

Integration with SafeBreach allows Cortex XSOAR to orchestrate the remediation of indicators of compromise that show SafeBreach successfully breached your defenses. This approach leads to optimized configurations of your controls.

Palo Alto Networks Panorama Integration

SafeBreach's integration with Palo Alto Networks Panorama validates that  security controls are deployed correctly and configured optimally, ensuring protection against known threats.