Cloud Native Security

Breach and Attack Simulation for Containers

Learn how to simulate attack methods to understand the security posture in the entire cloud stack.

Breach and Attack Simulations run continuously to test cloud-native environments and provide a hacker's view of the company’s security posture and supply remediation to quickly and effectively close up security gaps. 

The new Cloud Native Container Security capabilities extend full BAS coverage via a new Docker simulator to security teams managing container-based infrastructures deploying Docker.

SafeBreach simulates a growing list of attacks against the Docker data plane, network, and API, including attacks involving process injection, rogue applications, system changes and lateral movement from container to container.

Container specific attacks

Cloud Native Simulations for Container Security 

SafeBreach Datasheet

SafeBreach allows organizations to gain actionable intelligence on attack risks without impact to their environment, acting like an “automated, continuously-validating red team” 

Cloud Native Solution Brief

SafeBreach offers advanced security capabilities teams need to fully leverage cloud services, while realizing maximum security of cloud-based resources.