Our Customer Case Studies

Our customers are successfully reducing their attack surface and adapting their defenses while using our platform

“With cyberattacks, the key to understand is that only when the data gets out, does it become an actual breach. This is where the brilliance of SafeBreach comes in. By giving you an actionable inventory of egress methods so data cannot be exfiltrated, SafeBreach prevents the final step in the kill chain”

Security Architect | Industry-leading financial technology company

“Hackers don’t rest, and that means neither can we. Buying and implementing the latest defensive technologies and patching the latest bugs are necessary, but not sufficient. We need to be able to anticipate what an attacker will do next, and get there first. SafeBreach helps us with do this”

Chief Security Officer | Leading mobile and online messaging platform

“SafeBreach constantly challenges my security controls to ensure they are working as expected and improves the quality of the findings of my red teams. It enhances security by identifying potential outbound channels for data, and makes our red teams more efficient and effective by focusing them on addressing the right issues.”

Chief Security Officer | Cyber and Data Security company

A leading mobile and online messaging platform provider validates security posture with SafeBreach

Case study   |   SaaS

Developer of cyber and data security products gives red teams the ultimate security tool

Case study   |   Security