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Why Breach and Attack Simulation?

Safely Challenge your Defenses before
Bad Actors do!

A breach is the worst way to find a security hole. Constantly test your cyber defenses using SafeBreach’s Hacker’s Playbook™, the most current and comprehensive real-world attacks available.

To Buy Smarter

Spending money is easy. Maximizing every cybersecurity dollar isn’t. SafeBreach assures every security control delivers and exposes redundancies to be rationalized, repurposed or retired.

Because Hope isn't a Strategy. Owning the Battlefield is.

With SafeBreach SecOps never faces an attack for the first time; They already possesses the battle-tested intel, experience, confidence and controls to choke off bad actors.

Get more from existing security. Prioritize effort based on real data.
Stop attacks before they start.


Trusted by the Global Fortune 1,000

"Assessing the efficacy of security product has frequently been a challenge for security teams. The SafeBreach platform delivers empirical data from the point-of-view of an attacker to accurately and continuously assess security."

Brian Johnson | Senior Security Director, Infosec, PayPal

Breach & Attack Simulation

Featured Resources


The Hacker's Playbook | 3rd Edition

We’re excited to share insights from the 3rd Edition, with analysis of more than 3400 breach methods executed across 11.5 million simulations in real production environments.


One-minute overview video

See how SafeBreach automates the attacker to validate existing security, identify gaps, and prioritize remediation.

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