Start Where Your
Security Controls Stop

Validate Controls. Maximize their Effectiveness. Drive Risk Down.

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Unleash the Power of Your Security Controls to Drive Down Risk

Maximize the Impact of Security Controls

  • Get the most out of the security solutions you have.
  • Ensure your controls accomplish the outcome you bought them for.
  • Hold your security vendors accountable to defend the business.
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Invest Smart. Protect More.

  • Build the right security stack to protect the business.
  • Justify new investments based on business risk of security gaps.
  • Multiply the impact and value of your team and processes.
  • Reduce operational effort and spend for compliance.
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Take Control of Risk

  • Know your exposure to threats. Get ahead of bad actors.
  • Improve your security posture systematically with data.
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities that are exploitable.
  • Quantify business risk to align security strategy with business growth.
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Use Cases

How safe is your enterprise against known and emerging threats? Pinpoint security gaps with precision. Safely run the latest attacks seen in the wild using the most comprehensive playbook in the industry and integrations with Threat Intelligence solutions. Proactively report to executives on your risk posture. And get a mitigation plan in place before attackers exploit the gaps.

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We use SafeBreach inside PayPal to gain a continuous, measurable and complete view of our security posture. It helps keep PayPal safe every day as a key part of our continuous testing and assurance program.

Brian Johnson

Sr. Director, Infosec, PayPal

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