Gain Continuous Visibility on Your Security Posture 

Prioritize Your Resources and Responses

Remediate Your Security Gaps

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Test Your Defenses Before the Hackers Do

Does your Security
Really Work?

Do your current security products and policies actually protect your critical business assets? SafeBreach delivers continuous, automated testing of your entire security infrastructure using patented breach simulation technology and the most comprehensive playbook in the industry to identify where your security is working, and where there are gaps.

Prioritization - Work Smarter, Not Harder

Knowing what to do next to achieve the best results with the lowest effort and cost simply makes sense. SafeBreach enables you to visualize and prioritize your remediation activities to get the best return on your security investments and minimize risk.

Remediation - Knowing What To Do To Close your Security Gaps

SafeBreach Insights delivers detailed guidance on how to remediate any gaps in your security coverage and comprehensive partnerships with the leading companies in security enables you to automate your efforts so your defenses and stay ahead of the changing threats.

Get more from existing security. Prioritize effort based on real data.
Stop attacks before they start.


Trusted by the Global Fortune 1,000

"Assessing the efficacy of security product has frequently been a challenge for security teams. The SafeBreach platform delivers empirical data from the point-of-view of an attacker to accurately and continuously assess security."

Brian Johnson | Senior Security Director, Infosec, PayPal

Breach & Attack Simulation

Featured Resources


The Hacker's Playbook | 3rd Edition

We’re excited to share insights from the 3rd Edition, with analysis of more than 3400 breach methods executed across 11.5 million simulations in real production environments.


One-minute overview video

See how SafeBreach automates the attacker to validate existing security, identify gaps, and prioritize remediation.

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